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The Best Horror Games for Download: Scare Yourself Silly with These Spooky Games is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

You see a lot of indie games try to create an atmosphere of horror through the "Found Footage" method, but more often than not they just don't turn out great. They can feel forced and it takes away some of the fear. This one does not fall into that category. With the incredible atmosphere that has been created, there are actual genuine moments of fear that I have, and I very rarely get afraid or scared by something in games. I will say my one real complaint is that the loud mice in the sewers seemed like a tad much, but the rest of the noises and ambiance is on point. Plus, the absolute uncertainty of what is actually going on with the creature itself, the weird extra paranormal bits, and even the different endings makes this game one that can actually induce fear. On top of that, with the sewer acting as a maze, that adds an entire extra layer of anxiety to the mix. Overall, this game was EXTREMELY well made, and was one of my favorite horror games, and definitely one of my favorite One and Done indie games to date. Amazing job.

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Thank you very much for the play through and your feedback! The whole theme for this series has always been the theme of claustrophobia in a 90s VHS Found footage horror fueled by realistic situations and of course also inspired by found footage movies. I am very excited for my next project CATACOMBIA, which will take place in Paris Catacombs, the project has been funded and has a composer on it who has worked with the famous Akira Yamaoka from the Silent Hill franchise. The project is currently in testing and steam page will come up sooner or later, it will be a much more polished experience featuring more VHS mechanics and longer gameplay etc. Oh and a tip if you wanna try get the good ending, after you get the key and open the door to the room with the woman eaten by rats, try go the opposite direction and around, listen for a sleeping homeless man, and sneak past him to his sides, don't wake him up. Past this point you will find a door for the other key you collected!Thank you so much for playing and glad you enjoy my terrifying vision!

Hello! I really enjoyed playing this game the monster was really scary and something to really fear i wish more games were made about the skin walker and really didn't expect running into a hobo which was funny! unfortunately i have only achieved the bad ending so far but hopefully will on my own time to get the good ending i really had fun playing this and hope to see more games from you in the future! : ) Oh and please enjoy the video i made on your game.

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This game was super fun to play the grainy vhs layer adds a real horror touch along with the nightvision of the camera, looking back i only found the bad ending but will definately play again to find the good one!

yo, played the game, i had a blast but at the same time scared to deth lol. this is literally one of the scariest games i have played in awhile. keep the amazing work. i wanted to point out glitch idk if its been informed you about it, but whenever i would crouch the monster could tn get me but other than that the games was really good. keep the amazing work guys :D i also im made a small playthrough

Have you tried re-downloading the game and only set the resolution once? The logo shoulden't interfere since it's just a PNG overlay, however the game is best played in 1920x1080. Thanks for your feedback. Or just simply set the resolution while inside the game instead of in main menu.

The only good one is Maybe another life, and even then it's way too short. All of these feel rushed and unfinished, but I guess that's what you have to provide in a 3-in-1 horror game. Never figured out how to beat PSYCHOPATH, Maybe another life is a unique concept with bare-bones gameplay, Veinless Property is a generic walking simulator with an amazing art-style they barely do anything with. If this game cost money, I'd have a much harsher opinion, but thankfully Triality is at least decent enough to make it free.

One thing I think you do really well is presentation. All of the games had small little touches that gave them a lot of personality that many other indie developers don't bother with. Things like the menu design (I liked the Rubik's Cube for Psychopath), the manga onomatopoeia in Veinless Property or the "wheels" in Maybe Another Life feel very intentionally designed and are great to interact with. This also shows in your company/group (?) branding by the way. I really like your logo and name.

Psychopath is the most game-like out of the bunch. I also like a lot of its ideas, like the Rubik's Cube puzzle or the slow progression of opening up more and more of the house. While I had fun figuring things out, unfortunately I think from a technical standpoint this is the least polished game of them all. Actually handling the cube was very tedious and the fact that the flashlight has a slight delay to your head movements really strained my eyes after a couple of minutes. I do really like the different endings, though and it still has a lot of personality, like the others. From the videos I've seen so far, I seem to be one of the few that got to all of the endings which felt pretty gratifying. After I played it, I've read somewhere in the comments that The Stanley Parable is one of your favorite games which made me chuckle a little bit because the way you get to the good ending reminded me a lot of the telephone room there. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not but if it was that's great.

One thing all 3 games suffer from a bit that I haven't mentioned yet is that they're very very short. Obviously you've had time restraints and they work well as little experiments to show off your work but I really hope you take some of these great ideas and manage to flesh them out into a truly amazing experience. I think you are among the most promising indie devs in the scene right now and I look forward to what you will create in the future. I would also enjoy to see a jam like this with other themes maybe?

I want to say thank you for all the nice words and the Constructive Criticism. I actually 100% agree with your criticism, the Shader is Too harsh and I didn't give the player an option to lessen the effect and I actually wanna make the shader a lot more user-friendly and customizable if I make a game in that style ever again. I actually only read a few of Junji Ito's short stories (and all of Tomie which my game was most inspired by) and I also do agree, it doesn't come close to the horrifying feeling you get while reading one of his stories. None of us were actually that into horror before we made the Competition, but I think after it I actually really got into horror and I would be interested to make another Horror Game in the future! I wanna thank you again for all the nice comments and praise you have given us, It really motivates continuing working on Games and I really hope that we won't disappoint with our future Projects!

OH MY GOD!!! Maybe another life was freaking awesome. It is like a bit of weirdness like as in Standly parable mixed with mind bending puzzles reminisce of monument valley in a horror setting. That truly is one the best game I played off this site so far and I played a lot off of here. Please whoever is responsible for this game let me know I want to see your collection of games you have made thank you.

For other games I made, well there arent really any, even though I created games for a few years now, I never really finished or released them, but all of my future projects will be released right here on the Triality Games page.

Uh, that's really hard to answer for me, I love both games because of different reasons. While Monument Valley is ascetically and gameplay-wise amazing, Stanley Parable totally sells it through the great narration. But I think Monument Valley influenced my games more because since then I tried around a lot with gravity mechanics (also after replaying Super Mario Galaxy)

Here's my playthrough of Maybe Another Life - I thought this was really interesting. Thanks for making it, I'd like to see more from all of you - as every part in this horror collection is unique and enjoyable

Awesome video and thanks for trying out our games. We appreciate your compliment! But thanks to your video we noticed a shader error in Veinless Property because if you compare your video to the screenshots of the Veinless Property game you will clearly see a difference in lighting.It could be a problem with your windows version, are you using a 32bit - version?

Everything you need to create your game and storyline! With this kit, you will have Endless Possibilities and Combinations for your story! Determine your rules and create your custom horror events without Editing any Code or Blueprint! And also you will get Very Big Essential Features for your game!

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just a tip for the cover of the book, dont use that symbol. in the way you use it in this game spreads more misinformtion. the upright star in the circle is called a pentacle and represents the five elements and is used for protection amoungst Wiccans and Pagans. We arent evil people so we try telling others to stop using it in horror games and movies (mostly because we are already hated on by others because we are considered "devil worshippers")


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