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The Walking Dead: Michonne Complete Season

In the end, logistical concerns as well as the difficulty in visual matching led them to scrap the idea. "This was scheduled in a very tight way, and we would've had to schedule multiple shoots throughout the country to do it. Also, you know in older seasons of Survivor, when they went directly from the last Tribal Council to the live event, and everybody looks completely different over the span of 30 seconds? I was a little worried about that too. Josh McDermitt's hair is blond right now."

The Walking Dead: Michonne Complete Season

The Walking Dead: Michonne marks the first appearance of character from The Walking Dead comics ever since Glenn and Herschel made an appearance all the way back in the first season of the series, and the advantage of having an established character is pretty clear: many fans will know her already, and some will at least have already heard about her combat prowess. Regardless of whether players are new to Michonne's character or not, the miniseries is completely self-contained, and fans of the TellTale interactive narrative style should certainly take a gander at In Too Deep. 041b061a72


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