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[S4E17] Up The Stairs!

The origins of the episode and the character of Patrick began when Robert Downey, Jr. telephoned the show production staff and asked if he could produce or assist in an episode creation, as his son is a fan of the show, so the producers came up with the character of Patrick for Downey.[5] Show producer Seth MacFarlane believes Downey "did a great job," and brought a "very kind of half crazy, and maybe just eccentric personality to that character that really worked out great."[4] When Patrick makes his second appearance in season 10's "Killer Queen", he is not voiced by Downey. Instead, he is voiced by Oliver Vaquer. Bob Barker voiced himself presenting The Price Is Right;[4] but the actual sequence took years to make.[5] Barker has provided his voice for the show twice, although MacFarlane has never met him.[4] John Veiner voiced Bobby McFerrin falling down a flight of stairs.[5] The ball-in-a-cup scene is commented upon by MacFarlane, where he states that "the voice-overs work, the drawings work" and that Walter Murphy "did a great job of creating a piece of deliberately annoying music."[4] Several jokes had been pitched for Peter's words after killing an evil dragon, but all were dropped, as they weren't deemed funny enough by production staff.[5][6]

[S4E17] Up the Stairs!


Jason & Kelly continues to make their way to the lower level, while Marwan and his men search everywhere looking for them. As they arrive to the stairs to lower level, Steve spots and shots at them, forcing them to run. Marwan and Abdul arrive at the flight of stairs and asks Steve who they were, and tells Abdul to flush them out by cutting them off at the other exit.

Ecco breaks into the Gotham City Police Department and draws Jerome and Jeremiah's symbol on the Gotham map. Ecco overhears Theresa Walker (Nyssa Al Ghul) calling through the radio for Jim Gordon and sees Jim coming up the stairs so she sneaks away unnoticed. As Jim answers the call and finds the vandalized map, Ecco watches from behind but disappears before he can see her.[5]

[Later, Michelle heads down to the kitchen to see Freddy.]Michelle: [midway down the stairs] Hi, Freddy. [She then makes it all the way down.] Don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm just heading to the cookies. [She grabs one and munches on it as she watches Freddy swim all over his tank.]

Bobby is with John, who is sitting on the stairs. He asks John what the worse part of being in space. After jokingly saying the lack of toilet paper, he says that it was missing family. Bobby asks what was most different when he got back and John tells him that Earth is pretty much the same. "Are you different?" Bobby asks. John says he is, in that things that used to bother him don't anymore. The world seems smaller and he keeps waiting for something to happen and when it doesn't, he has to remind himself that is normal.

We hear Dylan cry "No!" after Katherine has told her everything and a close up of the stairs is visible. Soon Katherine is chasing Dylan down them, apologizing for her actions, saying she had no choice. Dylan pushes her over and runs out of the house, distraught, Katherine calls for her but not a stir in response.

Julie is seen walking gleefully down the stairs in her house, clutching a piece of paper. She turns to Susan who has Maynard in the stroller and tells Julie some preparations that she will need help on for Bree's catering job. Julie merely stares at Susan with a smile plastered across her face, "What?" Susan asks, Julie tells her to guess who got off the wait list at Princeton, Susan is shocked and tells her daughter that she is so proud of her before the two embrace in a hug. Susan says that she has to get a bumper sticker right away so that she can start annoying all the other parents. Julie says she can start when she gets there on Tuesday, to which Susan replies, "Tuesday, what are you talking about?" Julie explains that the professor who read her senior thesus was so impressed that he asked her to come out and do a summer internship and that she leaves next week. "Next week?" Susan says, "That is a big... no." she says more bluntly. Julie says she has to as it's a huge honor, Susan agrees but says that the honor is to be chosen, which she was, so she congratulates Julie and tells her she's staying home. Mike gets up from the chair and wonders why Susan isn't letting her go as it's a huge honor. Susan turns to him and says that they've established that before walking over to his side to face Julie who asks for one good reason as to why she can't go. Off the top of her head, Susan says that they can't afford it. Mike asks Susan if he can talk to her for a second, he pulls her aside and tells her that he just inherited five grand from Grandpa Maynard and that he'd really like to use it to help out Julie. Susan says that is so sweet before turning to Julie and telling her that Mike makes another good point - they don't know this professor and she certainly isn't leaving her daughter alone with him for the summer. Mike is confused with her lies and Susan apologizes to Julie and says that it is not happening. Julie says that it totally sucks and walks back up the stairs, Susan calls to her, "Well yes, but don't forget, it is a huge honor!" She turns to Mike who doesn't speak and just walks away.

Lynette opens the door and enters her house and immediately begins talking. She makes her way over to Tom, who is packing a box on the coffee table, and says, "You know what we haven't done in a really long time? Make two hundred and fifty mini-pizzas in one afternoon." He asks her what she's talking about and Lynette explains that Bree's in a horrible jam and she said that they'd help out in catering the commitment ceremony tomorrow. Tom says he can't because he's busy as he's taking the boxes containing Kayla's things to her as she lives four and a half hours away now. She asks, at risk of cracking the egg-shells she's been walking on all week, if he thinks he'll stop being so angry any time soon. He says that he isn't angry at her and she professes that they had no choice, they had to get her out of the house. Tom yells, "I know! I am angry at the situation, will you please just let me be angry?!" She concedes and says that he can be as angry, and sulky, and pissy as he wants so long as he is there tomorrow helping her crank out the two hundred and fifty mini-pizzas. She begins to make her way to the stairs as Tom says that he's been told that when some wives ask their husbands to do them favors, they actually say please, before fleeing up the stairs, Lynette turns to him and says, "Oh Tom, don't you know and urban myth when you hear one?"

Carlos and Roxy are seen walking down the stairs together, he calls for Gaby who says, "Over here Carlos!" He walks over to her and says he has a theory about all of the bad things that have been happening to them, such as his blindness and the low money - karma. He believes that the universe is trying to tell them to be better people after being so greedy and selfish. Gaby is counting money on the table and responds with, "I just found $118 ,000 in Ellie's teddy bear." after having counted the total, Carlos looks up saying, "Hey universe! Bite me!"

We see a police car parked outside of Gaby's house through her window and hear her on the phone, telling the officer on the other line that she sees him and reminds him that Ellie is dangerous and so he should feel free to use excessive force should she turn up. Gaby hangs up the phone. We see Carlos upstairs in the bedroom, feeling his way around, as Gaby calls him, asking if he is almost ready. He feels his way around some more and grabs his blazer which is lying on the bed. Gaby asks if he heard her and as he stands up, we see that Ellie is standing behind him, he does not appear to notice her and calls back to Gaby that he is just getting his jacket. He feels his way out of the room as Ellie tries to go unnoticed. Carlos walks down the stairs in his jacket and Gaby asks him to carry the house keys as they don't fit in her purse, he quickly alerts her that Ellie is upstairs and he heard her breathing in their bedroom. He tells her to call the cops, Gaby is shocked and is worried about the money, she tries to go to the stairs but is restrained by Carlos, who tells her it's too dangerous. "Not as dangerous as poverty!" she responds before running up the stairs and to the bedroom. Gaby walks cautiously yet quickly into her bedroom, she stares at the open door and looks behind it, no one is there, so she continues to look around. She runs around to the other side of her bed and kneels down to retrieve a bag full of Ellie's money, she gets back up and is annoyed to see that Ellie is standing over on the opposite side of the bed. They both stare at each other angrily and Ellie jumps across the bed, grabbing a strap of the bag, she is refusing to let go and Gaby tries to pry it out of her hands, she eventually pulls it away and runs out of the room, Ellie chases her and the two run down the stairs, Gaby still clutching the bag of money. Ellie grabs the bag again and her a Gaby do a tug-of-war with it. Carlos steps up the stairs and asks Gaby what's going on, not being able to see, and Gaby and Ellie tumble down the stairs, knocking Carlos over, still wrestling for the bag of money. The bag gets out of their hands and the two scrap on the floor, each trying to get to it with the other one stopping them. Gaby manages to army-crawl her way to the money but Ellie stands up and grabs her by the legs, dragging her backwards as she clutches the money. Gaby screams for Carlos to go get help as Ellie shakes her, wanting the money. Carlos feels for a door, opens one and yells, "Help! Police!" and Gaby angrily tells him, "That's the closet!" as her and Ellie are kneeling on the floor, wrestling still for the bag which each has a grip on. Roxy runs over to them and bites Ellie's arm, causing her to fall backwards in pain, Gaby grabs the bag in her arms, gets up, runs over to the door, opens it and alerts the police that Ellie is in the house. She hides the bag of money behind her bag as the police run to the house. Ellie gets up, grabbing her bitten arm, and runs to the back of the house to another exit just as the police barge in. She escapes. 041b061a72


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