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David Nguyen

Where Can I Buy Ooma !!EXCLUSIVE!!

Place your Ooma Telo Air anywhere and connect to the internet wirelessly using your Wi-Fi network. Pair Bluetooth with your mobile phone to answer incoming mobile calls from any phone in your home. Easy app-based setup. [..more]

where can i buy ooma

Place your Ooma Telo Air White anywhere and connect to the internet wirelessly using your Wi-Fi network. Pair Bluetooth with your mobile phone to answer incoming mobile calls from any phone in your home. Easy app-based setup. [..more]

Thanks for the review of Ooma! I did something similar, but with Vonage. I wanted something that was free to call anywhere in North America, which would allow me to continue using a prepaid cell phone. The Vonage service costs me about $20 per month right now, but even with how frequently I call Canada, I think that Ooma would be cheaper. I guess Ooma is something to consider when my year with Vonage is up.

I bought an ooma core 18 months ago. I researched it, and it seemed like the majority of issues people were having were actually due to their slow connections rather than ooma. With my 15-20 Mbps down/3-5 up connection, it sounds and works just like Vonage did, which sounded and worked just like my land line did.

Agreed, we signed up a few months ago and where I live my monthly bill is $3.47 (state and local taxes). Prior to Ooma, we had ATT lan line and the monthly bill was $55. Over $600 a year in savings after breakeven $200 cost of hardware.

If you are dropping your land line and you have a cell phone that works; why would you get an ooma? what are the benefits that ooma offers vs just not having a land line? I am having a hard time justifying my land line we hardly ever use it, so why replace it with anything? Is there an advantage to the land line that I am not thinking of?

Yes you can connect an answering machine, standard phone, cordless phone or all together with a standard telephone splitter. If you have physically disconnected your old home phone line from the external world (at the junction box) you can connect ooma to the house phone wiring and can plug phones (or answering machine, FAX, etc.) into each of those outlets. The instructions that came with the original ooma were not at all clear on this hook-up, but it is really very straightforward.

I also purchased an original OOMA Hub (may be refurbished)about 2 years ago. However, I have not activated it. I was told that the number I wanted I could not get so I was stuck staying with Vonage. I needed a canadian number and they were still working on getting that aspect set up. Now OOMA operates out of Canada as well where I would make the majority of my calls. What I am not clear on is the following:

i just fax regular, without using the *99 and never had a problem. you can also access your vm through your email or online. The computer does not need to be on, in fact now you can use ooma wirelessly with their wifi adapter and put in anywhere you can get wireless in your home, no need to plug it into anything but the wall and phone.

Does anyone have a workaround for using ooma with an alarm service, I am sure there is a way, I believe I read it in a forum, but my alarm company insists on landline, but I am not paying $25 a month for a landline to use an alarm service paid by HOA.

Another alternate is for him to use Skype from his cell phone for his calls. The call quality is excellent, and can call anywhere in the world. Calls are free to other Skype users, or to land lines/mobiles for $0.023 a minute. And no additional hardware to buy. Of course, many cell phone plans allow for unlimited domestic calls, so there are several options for him.

I was looking at this system so i would be able to send and receive faxes from home. I was told by ooma that this can be accomplished by using a splitter. Does anyone have experience with using ooma this way? Wondering how well it works and if affects call quality.

I use it like this with a splitter for the fax and have had no problems with call quality. It works perfectly. I have been using ooma for over 2 years and never had a problem. It has some great features and cannot beat the price. Hope this helps.

I have used Ooma and prepaid wireless now and have seen tremendous savings too. In fact, it was actually cheaper to pay a contract disconnection fee than continue with my then wireless provider. I use tracfone as it seems to give the best bang for the buck but I am sure other preaids can give a great deal too. I refuse to again be stuck in any type of contract for services where the provider is the only one who gains. With TV I have cut the satellite/cable as well and pay $19.99 for an assortment of cable networks from the internet through my ROKU box in the television. All in all, my internet phone, TV bill is $62/month. Not too bad.

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In 2020, Ooma introduced Ooma Connect, a base station, and adapter that provides a wireless internet connection.[40] Connect can serve as backup to provide business continuity during internet outages or as a primary source of internet access in locations where wired internet service is costly or slow. Ooma also introduced Ooma Managed Wi-Fi which brings an enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solution to businesses at a more affordable price point coupled with managed services to facilitate the implementation and ongoing monitoring and management.

The first investment is in the box itself, which costs $100. (It's not supported outside the US and Canada, but if you plug it into a network anywhere in the world, it'll probably work -- albeit with a US number.) Then you'll have to choose between basic or premium service. The basic service is free, but you'll be stuck paying some state-imposed monthly fees. (It was $4 per month in New Jersey.) That gets you toll-free nationwide calling, call waiting, caller ID, 911 service, a call log history and voicemail. These last two can be accessed from Ooma's online dashboard.

Many people pay way more than they have to for expensive smartphone plans and landline phone service. The average cell phone bill runs close to $100 every month, and if you have a landline as well that can add on another $30-60 depending on where you live, how many features you have and how many state, local and federal taxes are being levied on your monthly bill.

Oh, before I go further, I want to tell you about two of my very favorite Ooma features: anonymous call reject and community call spam filtering. Basically, if you get a call from an anonymous number, one where there's no caller ID, or where the Ooma users have collectively decided was spam, the Ooma won't disturb you by ringing your phones. 041b061a72


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