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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile: Pre-Register, Download, and Play the Alpha Test

Following the success of COD Mobile, Activision is now releasing a sequel to the popular Battle Royale game called Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile. The publisher announced the Warzone Mobile a long time ago and also released a small alpha test. It is not time to expand it to the beta testing phase. Here is the first Call of Duty Warzone Mobile public Beta APK available for download.

call of duty warzone mobile alpha test download apk

Download apk:

The Warzone mobile alpha test was released in select countries including the United States, the UK, and some European and Asian countries. As for the beta testing, we have reports of it being available in Australia, Brazil. Activision has also made social media accounts for India, Japan, and more.

Call of Duty is bringing Warzone to mobile, and they're so far along in the project that we're beginning to get the first details about the alpha and beta playtesting events. Here's an overview of everything you need to sign up and try Warzone Mobile.

The Warzone Mobile alpha began in early June 2022, but it was a closed test, and all participants were specifically chosen by Call of Duty. The test is ongoing though, so there's still time to sign up as a playtester, and potentially you will still be chosen to join.

To join the alpha of Warzone Mobile, or Project Aurora (as they're officially calling it), you need to sign up to be a playtester with Call of Duty. To do this, all you need to do is leave them with your details here. But you should know, Activision heavily favor playtesters from Southern California, as they can invite these candidates to meet in-person as well as remotely. Good luck on being chosen!


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