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the central gynaecological hospital (cgh) is the only hospital of regional level and multi-functionality and is the only hospital in hainan to perform cesarean section. the latest census record showed there were 109 ambulances and 1021 drivers in the whole of hainan, and the number of drivers increased from 17 to 237 during the last 5 years ( 60 ). there were about 74 obstetricians in china in 2008 ( 61 ), and no special training program on obstetrics developed on medical student curriculum since 2003 (62 ). the lack of obstetricians in rural areas needs to be addressed: "the chinese government has implemented a rural population policy since the 1980s, which has resulted in a gradual migration of medical staff to urban areas, including to the cgh." the new measures to ensure an adequate number of obstetricians include a highly competitive entrance exam, approval to establish a residency program for obstetrics, and financial compensation for losing a job. four years after the establishment of the residency program in hainan, there were 15 residents in obstetrics and gynecology, and nine more started in 2011 ( 61 ). currently, the cgh obstetricians consist of three general surgeons, two general surgeons-gynecologists, one pediatric surgeon, and two obstetricians-gynecologists.

ginecologia y obstetricia john hopkins pdf download

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in the united kingdom, the royal college of obstetricians and gynecologists (63) requires a minimum of five years' attachment to qualify for obstetric certification. general practitioners or midwives are required to refer to an obstetrician if the patient's pregnancy is complicated by: abnormal antenatal screening, or inability to tolerate labour after a term pregnancy; failure of labor following induction of the first stage of labor; or if the fetus has been exposed to drugs (66). spontaneous labour before 37 weeks of gestation is the leading indication for admission to a maternity unit and is the result of sonographic dating in the 2nd trimester. certain obstetric interventions are less likely to be performed.


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