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David Nguyen

Vgasave Driver Download Xp Gratis

Here's the actual way on how to fix VgaSave mode. First, go in Device Manager, then you'll find a yellow mark on PCI Express standard Root Port. Thats the main key to reactivate your VGA adapters. Close Device Manager. Then, go to start,type: cmd and run it as administrator. Then, in cmd, type this: bcdedit /set pciexpress forcedisable and then press Enter, then restart your computer and presto! Your VGA adapters are fixed. But, after they are fixed, it might display in Device Manager as Standard VGA Graphics Adapter. In order to put them back as the original adapters (like NVIDIA or ATI), you'll need to download Drivermax. Its a drivers program that lets you download your VGA adapters for free. So, i hope this helped you and hope it works! Cheers!

Vgasave Driver Download Xp Gratis




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