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Mortal Kombat X Online

Fighting games are, by their nature, competitive. They're built for player versus player combat. This, for millions of fighting game enthusiasts, is central to their appeal. Mastering combos, learning strategies and putting them into practice online is for many - me included - what the genre is all about.

Mortal Kombat X Online

It's also done well, over the years, to keep single-player interesting beyond the story. It all started over 20 years ago with the button-bash fest Test Your Might. Since then, Mortal Kombat's single-player modes have evolved. Mortal Kombat 9's Challenge Tower, for example, was one of its most popular modes. And with Mortal Kombat X, single-player has evolved once again - perhaps to its natural, online-focused conclusion.

There are key differences, however. Unlike Challenge Tower, Living Towers is online only, so the developer can change the challenge and modifiers on the fly. And, unlike Challenge Tower, you can play as any character in the roster.

Elsewhere, NetherRealm also revealed the Faction War, another online mode designed to flesh out the single-player experience. You choose from one of five factions, then contribute to its ranking by playing daily faction challenges, such as win a match without ducking, win a match under 40 seconds and connect three throws in a match.

It's clear it's more and more important for developers to keep gamers playing their games. EA talks about games as a service in the same breath as it reveals it's made millions off of the likes of FIFA Ultimate Team. Bungie's Destiny works more like a massively multiplayer online game than a tradition first-person shooter, with its daily bounties and weekly missions. And now a similar approach has come to fighting games with Mortal Kombat X. By updating and changing Living Towers on a regular basis, NetherRealm hopes we won't tire of the single-player portion of Mortal Kombat X. It wants to keep the game fresh and thus keep people coming back for more.

In a recent live stream, Mortal Kombat X boss Ed Boon discussed complaints he and his team at NetherRealm had received from the community surrounding the online connection in their recently-released fighting game.

Factions is an online, continuous, affiliation-based multiplayer mode introduced in Mortal Kombat X, in which you can compete with other players for points that go towards your respective faction.

Depending on what faction a player chooses, the game's menu scheme will be altered to fit the faction of their likeness. Players will have the option to switch factions. Alternatively, the player can decide to not pick any faction, though, this slightly limits some of the modes they can play online.

In a Faction War, factions have to do their best to gain as many points as possible. Points can be earned by doing a multitude of things, such as winning fights, pulling off finishers and X-Rays, stringing combos together and much more. Players can also earn points for their faction by playing in the offline modes (provided they are simultaneously online while doing so).

Mortal Kombat X online matches have been a little soured by a constant issue of lag. NetherRealm Studios has been getting ready to tackle this for awhile now and it would seem they've finally got something to show for it, or at least something to test. They're getting ready to roll out a Beta for their new online system.

NetherRealms Studio community manager Tyler Lansdown presented a video on what NetherRealm is hoping to achieve with this new system via the Mortal Kombat Community YouTube channel. Apparently, the team is shifting away from the current system altogether in favor of a system which is meant to make online games matches feel much more like offline ones.

Lansdown compared the system to another one known as GGPO ("Good Game Peace Out"), which is a near lagless system used in a lot of other online arcade and emulated fighting games. It's not exactly the same thing, but Lansdown expressed that the NetherRealm team is going for something extremely similar.

Offered via a closed beta, only a select few folks will be able to participate in the testing for the new system. Anyone who has accrued at least one hour of play will be able to sign up at The page is down for now, but players will be able to access it and sign up for the Beta starting on January 19, 2016, next Tuesday.

Overview:- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10- Offline: 39 [650]- Online: 21 [350]- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 60+ [Dependent on boosting and luck]- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Story Mode, 50+ Tower Battles, 200+ Online matches and multiple VS matches- Missable achievements: N/A- Does difficulty affect achievements: No- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: N/A- Extra equipment needed: None, but a second controller is handySpecial thanks to Maka. Introduction:Welcome to Mortal Kombat X, the latest, and arguably the greatest entrant in this most venerable of fighting franchises. MK X is also the first of the series to hit the newest generation of consoles, and it certainly looks the part, boasting a deep roster of 24 fighters, 8 of which are completely new to the series, multiple game modes, an all new faction system, 3 kombat variations for each character and the return of the ever popular fataliites/brutalities. All of this combines into the richest, most mechanically deep MK game I have played in a long time, it's a metric s**t ton of fun too!Achievement's wise it's the typical list we have come to expect from NetherRealm Studios, only this time it is slightly more weighted to the grind than to straight up skill. Obtaining the full 1000 will have you playing virtually every mode on offer, with the majority of your time being spent with the online portion of the game.Abbreviated Walkthrough:There is by no means a hard and fast rule when it comes to going for the achievements in MK X, in the interest of keeping things as streamlined as possible I suggesting breaking down the achievements into five steps.NOTE: During all these steps have this checklist (PDF, Numbers, Excel) handy. There will be certain points, especially during the campaign, where you will be fulfilling some of the requirements for the 'Target' achievements we will be working on later. Keeping track of everything from the start will save you time down the road.Step One: Misc/RandomFirst up will be the quick miscellaneous/random achievements that are obtained throughout the various single player modes or in versus using a second controller. You can also use the time during this step to play around with the various characters and variants to find something that you like. By the end of this step you will have unlocked the following achievements:

Step Four: OnlineNow it's time to jump online and grab our last big batch of achievements. The majority of these online achievements can be boosted, I have marked these achievements with (B), for more information on the boosting methods please check the individual achievement descriptions. At the end of this step you should have unlocked the following achievements:

King of the Hill is a 'winner stays on' online game mode. To unlock this achievement, you need to win five KotH matches. They don't have to be in a row or even in the same room. As soon as you have won your fifth match the achievement will unlock.Alternatively, this achievement can be boosted with two players, from the Online menu choose Rooms. In the next screen you can press to create your own room, restrict the room to two players, change the matchmaking to KoTH and tell your boosting partner to join you. From here you just need to trade off five wins each to both unlock the achievement. If you do not have any friends who own the game you can find people to play with HERE.NOTE: This achievement can not be unlocked in Private matches, you must create your room in the way shown above for this to work.

At the end of every KotH match you win, the other players in the room, as long as there are three or more, will be given the option to award you respect points for your performance. The total is cumulative and will amass throughout your online career as you win more and more KotH matches. Once you reach 1000 points the achievement will unlock.Alternatively this achievement can be boosted with a minimum of three players. Once you have found your boosting partners, you again need go to the Rooms option of the Online menu. From the next screen, press to create your own room. Restrict the player size to however many is in your boosting group and have your partners join you. Now you just need to all alternate wins whilst the spectators award you 10 respect points per win. The larger your group the longer you will have to wait between your fights, taking this into account it may be optimal to boost this using just three players, another benefit to this is that you will unlock both "Return Kustomer" and "Unstoppable" along the way. If you do not have any friends who own the game you can find people to play with HERE.

Tower Battles are an online mode where you compete against other players to achieve the highest score on a random tower. There is a 10 minute time limit and the other players complete their tower independently. Once the time limit is up, all the scores will be collated and each player will be given a rank. To unlock this achievement you must be the highest scoring player in your group. Here are some tips to try and hit the high score: 041b061a72


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