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A Beautiful CurseHD

The obvious place to start here are the two Zelda remasters for Wii U - Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD. These are both essentially respun GameCube titles, modernisations that add new textures and effects but largely leave the original visual designs intact. Wind Waker HD is definitely the more successful of these efforts, with new textures, a redesigned UI, gameplay tweaks and reworked lighting featuring bloom, real-time shadow maps and ambient occlusion. Even with the original geometric meshes in place, the game holds up brilliantly at 1080p. There are some issues, too - there can be noticeable aliasing in ambient occlusion and shadow maps, and the cartoon stylings of the original models are lost somewhat in indirect lighting, but it's still a beautiful-looking game.

A Beautiful CurseHD

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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse will amaze fans of traditional stop-motion animation with its achingly charming visuals. It works great as a lighthearted single-player platformer, a wild and boisterous multiplayer campaign, a tough-as-nails action-puzzle challenge, a bite-sized Off-TV handheld experience, or a big beautiful HD spectacle on your television screen, all depending on how you choose to play it. It's a game that has a little something for everyone, all without compromising its unyielding, unique, and undivided attention on its mission to blast pure adorableness into the world in all directions. If Kirby and the Rainbow Curse doesn't make you smile, you may need to see a doctor for that. 041b061a72


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