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Failed To Setup Driver 536870325l

As explained before, any driver installation information will be logged (appended) to the file in the %windir%\inf directory. When testing your driver package install, if the file is renamed before a driver is installed, a new log file will be generated. A new log file will be easier to search for important logs from a new driver install. However, the log file should not be renamed as part of a production scenario. The log file can be opened in any text editing software.

Failed To Setup Driver 536870325l

If the driver failed to load because it lacked a valid signature, it will be recorded as an audit failure event. Audit failure events are recorded in the Windows security log, indicating that Code Integrity could not verify the image hash of the driver file. The log entries include the driver file's full path name. The security log audit events are generated only if the local security audit policy enables logging of system failure events.

If the driver failed to load because it was not signed or generated an image verification error, Code Integrity records the events in the Code Integrity operational event log. Code Integrity operational events are always enabled.

Thanks PCalaminci. I had exactly the same error and same setup (Win10 x64 with bitlocker enabled). Solution is as PCalaminci suggests: temporarily disable driver digital signature verfifaction (looks like HP have bundled a driver with an unknown/invalid publisher signature which is what's causing the install to bomb).

sig: Key = hpygid20_v4.inf sig: FilePath = C:\windows\System32\DriverStore\Temp\5fcc55df-c828-f548-a6e9-4a35055e20ea\hpygid20_v4.inf sig: Catalog = C:\windows\System32\DriverStore\Temp\5fcc55df-c828-f548-a6e9-4a35055e20ea\! sig: Verifying file against specific Authenticode(tm) catalog failed! (0x800b0109)! sig: Error 0x800b0109: A certificate chain processed, but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider. sig: _VERIFY_FILE_SIGNATURE exit(0x800b0109) 12:58:32.778!!! sig: Driver package catalog file certificate does not belong to Trusted Root Certificates, and Code Integrity is enforced.!!! sig: Driver package failed signature validation. Error = 0xE0000247 sto: DRIVERSTORE IMPORT VALIDATE: exit(0xe0000247) 12:58:32.778!!! sig: Driver package failed signature verification. Error = 0xE0000247!!! sto: Failed to import driver package into Driver Store. Error = 0xE0000247 sto: Stage Driver Package: exit(0xe0000247) 12:58:32.793

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