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[S4E2] Pregnancy Test

After an emotional premiere, The Resident Season 4 Episode 2 jumped back into the fray with multiple cases and personal arcs. You could say it was business as usual, except, of course, some of the latest developments are massive.

[S4E2] Pregnancy Test

A CoNic pregnancy right at this second feels like it's too much of a good thing. It's like the perfect apple pie, and then the cap to the cinnamon pops off when you're trying to sprinkle a little something extra and dumps too much of something good all over everything.

In emptying Alexis' garbage, Johnny discovers a used, positive pregnancy test. Sharing his find with Moira and David, they all naturally assume Alexis is pregnant with Ted's child. Johnny decides to confront Alexis about the find, but his oblique talk makes Alexis believe that he has found out about another secret: that she has enrolled at Elmdale College, which she wants to do all on her own, without her father's interference. She believes this education will be yet another major turning point in her life, especially by what she sees in the college's brochure. She will quickly learn how much the brochure will reflect the bitter reality of her educational experience. Within this situation, the actual mother-to-be is having trouble telling the future father-to-be of the pregnancy. Meanwhile, David and Patrick are having problems trying to find a place where they can have some alone time together, the motel and Patrick's room at Ray's place not possible options. Learning of their predicament, Stevie offers them her apartment. They will find that Stevie has ulterior motives in the offer, one of those motives, which they discover at the apartment, possibly affecting their night together.

Justin insists Tash cannot stay at his place. He eventually caves in and agrees to help her find a place to stay. At the school, Kane grows even angrier, when Eve refuses to take the pregnant test. In an act of stupidity, Kane slices his finger off with one of his shiny, new knives. The pair hunt for the finger and eventually discover it, before Eve transports Kane to the hospital. At the hospital, Dr. Saxon (Akos Armont) attempts to persuade Abi (Natalie Saleeba) into allowing him to speak to the health minister (Christopher Stollery) on behalf of the hospital.

Laboratory tests indicate that the baby's parents were members of the Peacock family. Believing that the three Peacock brothers must be holding the dead baby's mother hostage, the agents and Deputy Barney Paster (Sebastian Spence) go to arrest them. When Paster breaks down the front door of the house, he is decapitated by a booby-trap, before the brothers rip the body apart. Mulder and Scully then release the Peacocks' pigs to lure them out of the house before searching it. The agents find a quadruple amputee hidden under a bed. She is revealed to be Mrs. Peacock, the mother of the boys. She was presumed dead from a car accident several years ago; however, she survived and continued to have inbred children. She reveals that she nor anyone in the family can feel pain. The brothers realize that Mulder and Scully are inside their house and attack. The two youngest sons withstand several gunshots before dying, one of them impaled on another booby-trap. Afterwards, the agents discover that Mrs. Peacock and her eldest son have escaped in their car, planning to start a new family elsewhere.[3][4][5]

Despite Dina's protests, Amy lets Glenn's pastor host an Earth Day booth at the store, but things quickly unravel when Glenn won't recognize Amy's authority. Jonah spearheads Cloud 9's green initiative, but is met with apathy from his coworkers.

Ryan learned during the previous night's dinner that Kelly's pregnancy claim was a lie. Back at the office, Ryan asks Pam to create a logo for Dunder Mifflin Infinity. Pam is excited about the opportunity to use her art background, but Ryan uses the logo as an excuse to ask her out, which he does in front of Jim. Pam responds that she's dating Jim, which leaves the new boss thoroughly embarrassed.

Throughout Season 3, we get to see David and Alexis really thrive in their roles as siblings to one another. No moment shines greater than when David has to go for his driving test to renew his license.

In Paris, Serena heads to the morgue and meets with a detective, who tells her that the body was in no condition to be tested. He hands her a bag full of Chuck's things (cell phone, wallet, passport, etc), then reveals the body to her. Elsewhere, Chuck wakes up with the blonde, Eva Coupeau, who saved him. He gets up, not wanting to be late for the job her uncle set up for him. In Brooklyn, Dan is attempting to sing to Milo when Nate and Juliet arrive. Nate introduces them, and Juliet offers to watch Milo for a minute while the guys talk. She whispers to Nate to ask a question they agreed on and heads to the back. Nate asks Dan if he's heard from Serena, and he says no, he just assumed she was still in Paris or at Brown. Nate tells him she's going to Columbia, and Dan is surprised to hear that. Juliet calls from the other room asking Dan for a diaper and he goes to help her. When he's gone, he looks at Dan's phone which has an unread text from Serena saying they need to talk. Juliet emerges and he shows her the text. She tells him Dan is playing a game with him, then asks if he wants to win or lose. In Paris, Eva walks Chuck to the door and he leaves for his new job. He heads into the city but stops when a car almost hits someone. Looking around, he makes eye contact with Blair, who is in the back of the car. Shocked, she tells her driver to keep going and she takes off.

At the loft, Juliet and Vanessa return from grocery shopping. Vanessa goes to see Milo, who is being held by Dan, and Nate tells Juliet that he knows what she's trying to do. She explains that the plan is to take Dan out of the equation, but Nate tells her not to use Vanessa. Juliet says that Vanessa is still in love with Dan and is looking for a sign that he loves her too; at least that's what she figured out after their conversation. In Paris, Blair arrives home from shopping. Serena tells her that she had to identify a body that may have been Chuck's and even though it wasn't, he is still missing. Blair is uninterested, and tells her that she saw Chuck earlier that day and he's probably stalking her. Serena explains that his assets are about to be frozen and that they should probably make sure he's okay. Blair refuses, and admits that she knows talking to him would be hard and set her way back. Somewhere else in Paris, Chuck is working at a bar when Eva shows up. She asks her uncle if he can leave, and he agrees. While they're taking a walk, Chuck tells her that maybe Paris isn't the right place for them. He tells her that maybe they could try living in India and that he may have a way to pay for it. In New York, Lily hangs up with Lenox Hill and tells Rufus that Milo's medical records can't be discussed with anyone other than his parents. Rufus mentions that it's suspicious how she left town as soon as Dan signed the birth certificate and they need to do their own paternity test. Lily tells him that she's headed to the loft to redecorate Jenny's old room into a nursery, and offers to let him come help when he's done brooding.

Rufus (on the paternity test doctor): I was just hoping to get some more information, make sure this guy's even a real doctor and not some phone sex operator that crazy girl paid off to lie to us.

They go to the hotel room and find Kyle and Gloria in bed together having sex. Kyle reveals that they are now married. When interviewed, Gloria insists that nothing happened between them until Kyle was 17, so she has done nothing illegal. The result of their marriage is that neither can now testify against each other because of spousal privilege.

Benson and Stabler catch up with Gloria outside a family planning clinic, as she is intending to abort her pregnancy. Kyle steps out of their car to confront Gloria and to tell her that he does not believe her lies anymore and will testify that she illegally had sex with him when he was a minor and that she hired Frank to kill his father. Gloria tries to plead with him but he hands her divorce papers, thus removing spousal privilege and revoking Gloria's access to Kyle's trust fund, while bitterly calling her "Mom". The detectives arrest her for first-degree murder.

  • Call-Back: Jake makes a surprise reappearance, revealing he and Stevie never stopped seeing one another.

  • Foreshadowing: Patrick's reluctance to talk about his romantic past will become a major plot point later.

  • It's All About Me: Both David and Moira make Alexis's potential pregnancy all about themselves.

  • Mistaken for Pregnant: Johnny, Moira, and David, think Alexis is pregnant after they find a positive pregnancy test in her wastebasket.

  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: Alexis tells Johnny that she's determined to go to college, and if she doesn't like it she'll just give it up. Johnny, who thinks she's talking about having a baby, is horrified.

  • Running Gag: Stevie takes the strawberries from Rose Apothecary without paying for them.

  • Sheltered Aristocrat: While babies are expensive, Johnny's calculations about the cost seem a tad high.

  • Surprise Pregnancy: It's actually Jocelyn who is pregnant with her second child.

  • Tall, Dark, and Snarky: David has thoughts about Alexis's academic pursuits and possible pregnancy and they are snarky thoughts.

  • A Threesome Is Hot: Chill Jake appears to be suggesting a foursome in the woods, which David politely declines.

As he continues his search, he spots them at the edge of the river. With his arm collapsed over Rachel, Nathan lies still. Lucas warns Haley not to look, but it is too late. The emergency services arrive as Lucas and Haley run to their friends. Back in the hospital, Haley lies on Lucas' shoulder awaiting the news. Lucas says he should call Dan, who is washing a sign saying 'murderer' that is painted across his wall in red writing. As he does, he remembers shooting his brother Keith and then returns to look at the vandalized sign, just as his phone rings. After receiving no answer, Lucas hangs up as Karen meets him. She says she needs to talk about the pregnancy, as Lucas says how happy Keith would be for her, but Karen meant the other pregnancy test he found in a purse at the reception. Lucas says he doesn't know who is pregnant and Karen wants to know if history is repeating itself, just as they find out Nathan is awake. As they go to see Nathan, he thanks Lucas, but Lucas says he is the hero. As he does, Nathan remembers getting into the car and being unable to help and eventually ending up in a helpless situation himself. Meanwhile, Peyton is burning all her old pictures of Brooke, her and Lucas as she remembers a series of events leading through the love triangle she is involved in. She remembers the kiss in the library, confessing her feelings to Brooke, Brooke slapping her as she found out and also being told that their friendship is over and she never wants to speak again. With the final photo, of the three of them, Peyton rips out Brooke and burns the part of the photo, placing both her and Lucas together. She picks a record and as she pulls it out, she finds a piece of paper and gasps in shock in what was contained in one of Ellie's old record. Dan is cleaning his wall as the ghost of young Keith haunts him telling him someone else knows what he done. The ghost then appears at the window and watches a cop car arrive at his house, he tells him he is definitely not the only one. As Dan races to the window, he sees the car and Keith reappears at the sign on the wall saying that Dan's in trouble. The cops arrive and Dan shuts the blinds so they can't see the sign. 041b061a72


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