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Halloween IIChucky : Season 2 Episode 1

Chucky season 1, episode 2, "Give Me Something Good to Eat" was packed with easter eggs and references to both the Child's Play universe and other horror franchises. Such homages have become an increasing staple of Chucky's cinematic outings, including the tease of a shared universe with Halloween in Bride of Chucky. Things went meta and more referential in Seed of Chucky, with scenes directly parodying classics as Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho or Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. With a move to television and thus more storytelling real estate, Chucky has continued that trend.

Halloween IIChucky : Season 2 Episode 1

Throughout Chucky season 1, episode 1, "Death by Misadventure," Chucky's murder of Lucas Wheeler (Devon Sawa) was inspired by Michael Crichton's 1978 movie Coma. Equally, Chucky's vomit-based method of attack was a direct reference to The Exorcist. Elsewhere in the Chucky premiere, there were nods to Twin Peaks woven into the set design and even callbacks to previous Child's Play movies. There was also Jennifer Tilly's Tiffany making a hidden cameo and original star Alex Vincent making a vocal one as Andy telephoned Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur).

The horror references and callbacks came thick and fast in Chucky episode 2, "Give Me Something Good to Eat." For starters, the father of Lexy Cross (Alyvia Alyn Lind) was played by a previous Child's Play actor: Michael Therriault, who previously starred as the villainous Dr. Foley in Cult of Chucky. Despite being a villain in the 2017 sequel, the actor seems to be playing a much nicer character this time around. Episode 2 also paid off a nearly 20-year wait with a crowd-pleasing reference to Glen/Glenda from Seed of Chucky and confirmation of them being genderfluid. They weren't the only nods, however, so here's a breakdown of every easter egg and references in Chucky season 1, episode 2, "Give Me Something Good to Eat."

  • Tropes in this episode: And This Is for...: When Andy drives the delivery truck over the edge of Hackensack Gorge, he says, "This is for Kyle!"

  • Are We There Yet?: One of the Chuckys on the truck asks this.

  • Bedsheet Ghost: Chucky's costume as "The Ghost of Halloween Past".

  • Big Brother Instinct: Within the six month Time Skip, Jake quickly came to care for his younger foster brother Gary since their foster parents couldn't have cared less about him.

  • Lexy has also become extremely protective of Caroline ever since Chucky killed their father.

  • Big Damn Kiss: Jake and Devon share one, despite the fact that Jake's foster parents wouldn't approve.

  • Boom, Headshot!: Andy shoots the head off the Tiffany doll.

  • Call-Back: Devon states that the Wedding Belle doll reminds him of the Tiffany doll from Bride of Chucky. He is talking about the In-Universe movie from Seed of Chucky.

  • While singing the praises of Uber, Chucky mentions how he used to need to take hostages to drive him around, which happened in several of the movies.

  • During an interview, a reporter brings up the time Caroline spoke up during a press conference and told everybody that Chucky had told her to kill her mom.

  • Just like the previous Halloween, Lexy tries to have sex with the guy she is seeing, only for him to put the breaks on the situation before consummating the deed.

  • Children Are Innocent: Chucky manipulates Gary into bringing him over to Lexy's house with a bomb, the latter who thinks it's all part of a game. Averted with Caroline, who by this point, is now fully aware of Chucky's true nature.

  • Death of a Child: Chucky kills Gary with his homemade bomb and pins the blame on Jake, Devon, and Lexy.

  • Ghost Memory: Subverted. Despite all sharing a fragment of Charles Lee Ray's soul, not all of the Chucky dolls immediately share memories. The ones in the truck initially don't recognize either Andy or the Tiffany doll, meaning they don't know about Human!Tiffany's betrayal. It's only after Andy decapitates the Tiffany doll that the Chuckys recognize him.

  • Never Found the Body: Jake says this regarding Andy after he crashed the delivery truck containing all the Chucky dolls.

  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Devon notes that Chucky has never done anything like a suicide attack before, deducing that this means he wasn't lying about other copies of himself surviving.

  • Resentful Guardian: Implied with Jake's foster parents. From the way Jake described them, they were not only homophobic but also never really cared about him or Gary.

  • Shout-Out: Chucky calls Jake and asks him "Is Tamara home?"

  • Chucky torments Jake and Devon with phone calls just like another horror movie villain.

  • Gary is a huge Batman fan and often shouts variations of Robin's 1960s Catchphrase and dresses as Robin for Halloween while Jake accompanies him dressed as Batman. It's probably no coincidence that Gary ends up suffering a similar fate as Jason Todd's Robin from A Death in the Family, leaving Jake feeling just as guilty as Batman for being unable to save him. The parallels are even helped by the fact Gary's killer Chucky's portrayer Brad Dourif was one of the considerations to play The Joker, Robin's killer in A Death in the Family, in Tim Burton's Batman (1989) and Chucky's character in general is Practically Joker.

  • When Chucky ambushes the kids at Lexy's house, he rants how he was going to take over the world with the numerous other dolls he possessed, before Andy stole the delivery truck; "And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!"

  • Suicide Attack: Chucky tries to do this with Jake, Devon, and Lexy. He only succeeds in killing Gary.

  • Taking You with Me: What Andy seems to be trying to do when he drives the truck full of Chucky dolls over the cliff.

  • The Chucky doll with the fertilizer bomb tries to do this with Jake, Devon and Lexy, but fails. He does get Gary, though.

  • Time Skip: The episode takes place six months after the Season 1 finale.

  • Troubling Unchildlike Behavior: Lexy still smokes weed like she did in Season 1, but she's now turned to much harder drugs (even stealing some of her mother's prescriptions) as an unhealthy way of coping with all the trauma she's faced from the previous season.

  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Jake's little foster brother Gary is the first victim of Chucky this season, and all we really knew about him was that he was a fan of Batman.

  • Wham Line: Devon drops one at the very end, upon realizing that the Incarnate Lord school looks very familiar.Devon: This used to be the Burlington Home for Wayward Boys. Charles Lee Ray lived here when he was our age.



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