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I have Fences v. on Windows 10 v.20H2 which has been working fine. Suddenly, when booting up, after the log-in screen, the fences all appear, rolled-up as usual, and then the screen goes black and all I see if the white cursor. I can get Task Manager via Ctrl/Alt/Del and if I start explorer.exe it restores the desktop with the Fences but them the screen goes blank again. I have not installed anything new for months and Windows updates are paused. Any idea what is causing this as I need to disable Fences in order to use my PC and I have (had) a hundred or so icons in 8 rolled-up Fences that I now see all over the desktop (although still arranged where they are when Fences is running. I would rather not uninstall and reinstall Fences as I don't want to have to recreate my quite complex Fences. Any idea? 041b061a72


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