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Need For Speed ​​Carbon Do Pobrania Za Darmo

With all of the downsides of nuclear power including possible meltdowns, nuclear proliferation and the environmental damage from uranium mining, why don't we invest in conservation and implementing the many alternative non carbon producing solutions which are now available to meet our energy needs. Just like we are trying to phase our nuclear weapons because they are just too lethal to the human race, we should phase out nuclear energy. An economy based on renewables is coming and it will be a great boon to the world.

Need for Speed ​​Carbon do pobrania za darmo

There is enough wind power in the US,Ali. It isn't where it's most needed, but there are ways to transmit energy. It's along the front range primarily, and it's needed in the midwest and east. There are windfarms in the thumb of Mi. and along US 20 in NY. There is great wind energy in the UP of MI and you would not believe the amount of turbines in southern ON. There is a new type that is quieter, less dangerous to animals, and considerably more efficient, productive at lower wind speeds, yet I see few of them and not much news of them. I actually hauled some of them a couple years ago. It can be done, if we could only break the stranglehold on decisions that Big Oil has. Bob T

Nuclear power reactors are the most dangerous, dirty and frightfully expensive ways to boil water. Every step of the nuclear fuel chain (mining, milling, refining, enriching and fabricating fuel rods) emits carbon and poisons humans and the environment. Plus, nuclear reactors make the materials needed for atomic bombs, and leave behind deadly radioactive waste that is dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years. No country on earth has figured out what to do with these materials which alter our genetic materials and cause cancer and other health problems. If this 52 year old industry is as good as it claims to be, why must us taxpayers bear the high risk of building new reactors (federal nuclear loan guarantees) and cover the industry's liability insurance (Price-Anderson Act) so that private corporations can make a profit?

I've given it a lot of thought in the past. I am against nuclear power. I don't think the so-called experts are correct calling it "clean" energy. Nuclear power plants may emit less carbons, but overall, nuclear power is unclean and potentially very dangerous. Nuclear power requires that humans running it never make a mistake, never slack on maintenance, etc. Also, as Will Durant is quoted, "Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." We see how things out of our control can have a very negative influence on the operations of nuclear power plants. The proliferation of more nuclear plants would also signify and increased need to transport potentially dangerous materials, which could become easier to hijack by terrorists. Also, in direct challenge to the supposed claim of "clean" energy, science has not solved the toxic waste issue. Their only suggestions are to bury the waste in tight containers or to release it into space. In other words, leave it to the future generations. Also, the oil business keeps us from expanding into safer forms of energy. Nuclear is allowed and encouraged because it relies completely on central distribution (like oil), and it has no potential for energy autonomy, which should be the goal of the people. Renewable energy sources do allow for energy autonomy. If people were not so negative about solar, maybe we'd finally begin using it!

No! Let's modernize existing plants so that they are safer during the rest of their useful life. But the incidents in Japan demonstrate clearly the need for solar, wind, and ocean current power generation systems to serve the world. Such systems would be fully safe, with a systems usefullness as long as we have sunshine and wind. And a catastrophic natural event would not trigger a secondary event like we now fear emanating out of Japan. World governments must help to fund development and construction, along with industry, all fully aware that only safe systems should be added to power grids for the future. And coal, oil or any other carbon based fuel used to fire existing systems must be quickly phased out to save our environment!

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