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Zenity For Mac

Not a drop-in replacement and not directly compatible with bash/zenity, but if you are ok with a non-portable native Mac OOTB solution with no extra dependencies then consider AppleScript (or, as of Yosemite, Javascript JXA).

Zenity For Mac

Download Zip:

Zenity is required for some apps like winetrick-gtk and its not installed automatically when you install winetricks. The problem is brew install zenity does not work, as such a package does not exist. The question is how can I install it manually in Homebrew?

I have installed zenity using Macports. However, every time I use Homebrew I get a warning complaining that Macports is installed. So if I can install it using Homebrew I will be able to get rid of Macports as I don't use it at all.

Other scripting languages such as Perl and Python can be used to construct full-scale GUI applications, but the zenity program enables a shell script to interact with a GUI user.... [The] user interface is not as refined as one that could be provided by a full-featured GUI application, but it is perfectly suitable for simple interactions.

I can confirm that the gnome bug (448946) represents the state of things as of Hardy/8.04 (zenity 2.22.1-1), but that zenity in intrepid (zenity 2.24.0-0ubuntu1) behaves as the reporter describes, which seems to me to be an even worse over-correction.

This is truly a bug, I agree with the comment above that the desired behavior of Zenity is to steal focus and demand user interaction. Either this should be configurable as a command line argument in the zenity program, or the default setting should be changed back to the way in was in Hardy. For notifications without stealing focus, I'd suggest people use something like Growl.

Description:Ubuntu jaunty (development branch)Release:9.04Linux ubuntu-desktop 2.6.28-11-server--------------------------------------------------------------Compiz enabledNonfreeKernelModules: nvidia--------------------------------------------------------------zenity: Instalados: 2.26.0-0ubuntu1 Candidato: 2.26.0-0ubuntu1 Tabla de versión: *** 2.26.0-0ubuntu1 0 500 jaunty/main Packages 100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

jeff@jeff-laptop:$ apt-cache showpkg zenityPackage: zenityVersions:2.26.0-0ubuntu1 (/var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jaunty_main_binary-i386_Packages) (/var/lib/dpkg/status) Description Language: File: /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_jaunty_main_binary-i386_Packages MD5: 0eaa042a6247aca86bac2f94a69fc906

I don't agree.Let's not forget that Zenity is used to display GTK+ dialogs in shell scripts.If I execute a shell script with zenity pop-ups, they ALWAYS appear under any other window. This is the right thing?

Steve:If you look at more closely, it defines each possible top level widget on its own (eg Calendar, Question, Info dialog etc). So this bug affects all widget types, and they need to be individually fixed.

The existing behavior (in intrepid and earlier releases) was that zenity would take focus - due to how the window manager was handling things. In jaunty, window managers are finally respecting options like that properly, which is how this came up.

Lately i realised that this behavior is a matter of the window manager. Running zenity from a terminal, its window doesn't go to the top in Gnome when i have other window active. It does, when running it by clicking on an icon. So the wm probably prevents the popups getting focus that are run from an inactive terminal.

Seeing that the file /usr/share/zenity/zenity.ui has all its focus settings set to True by default (what the patch did provided in upper comments), i might say that it's not a zenity problem anymore, and it depends on the focus policy of the wm.

This is zenity - a rewrite of gdialog, the GNOME port of dialogwhich allows you to display dialog boxes from the commandlineand shell scripts. If you understand, things are just as theyare. If you don't understand, things are just as they are.

Also, some winetricks "packages" require a few external tools to be installed, namely: cabextract, unzip, p7zip, wget (or curl). For GUI support, either zenity or kdialog.Linux users can usually get these via their distribution's package management system.

I would like the window produced by zenity to be configured so it is always on top. There does not appear to be an option to enable this. Can someone suggest a source change to the zenity code so that I can get this to work? I want to be able to do zenity --ontop "warning"

Naturally, both zenity and wmctrl need to be installed. The two DISPLAY=:0 portions are probably necessary if you run the script as a cron job because cron's environment is not aware of your X display, dbus or desktop.

I looked into the code and it seems the main program is trying to read from the stdout of zenity, but the read call is blocking and waiting for zenity to close its stdout. For some reason zenity doesn't show up, so one can't select any files. When you uncomment the

It looks like this filechooser issue - as far as I can see is mainly related to zenity.Furthermore trying to reproduce it on exactly same fresh Linux installations - once installed on Parallels Desktop and once installed on VMware gives different results.My actual investigations based on installations using my descriptions in this thread gives in a reproducible way the following results :

On Parallels Desktop 11 on Mac OSX hosted (El Capitan):Ubuntu 14.04 (zenity 3.8.0), 16.04 beta2 (zenity , elemtary OS 0.3.2, Mint 1.7, Fedora 23 (zenity>no issues at all everything works without freezes 350c69d7ab


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