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Download Dear Dad Movie In Hindi 720p and Watch Arvind Swamy's Stellar Performance

Dear Dad Movie Download In Hindi 720p Download: A Bittersweet Coming-of-Age Story

If you are looking for a movie that explores the complex relationship between a father and a son, then you might want to check out Dear Dad, a 2016 drama film written and directed by Tanuj Bhramar. The film narrates the tale of a father-son duo 14 year old Shivam (Himanshu Sharma), and his 45 year old dad Nitin (Arvind Swamy). The film released on 13 May 2016 and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. This is the third Hindi film that Arvind Swamy has acted in.

Dear Dad Movie Download In Hindi 720p Download

In this article, we will tell you more about the movie, its plot, cast, crew, reception, and reviews. We will also show you how to download Dear Dad movie in Hindi 720p, the benefits and drawbacks of doing so, and the legal and safe ways to get the movie on your device. So, without further ado, let's get started.

What is Dear Dad Movie About?

Dear Dad is a bittersweet coming-of-age story that involves a father-son duo who embark on an impromptu road trip from their home in Delhi to Mussorie (Uttarakhand), where Shivam attends boarding school. Along the way, they encounter unexpected confessions, weird strangers, accidental meetings, a drunken escapade, and singing in the rain. All these add up to a complicated and sweet tale that explores the themes of love, acceptance, identity, and family.

The Plot of Dear Dad Movie

The movie begins with Nitin, a successful businessman who is unhappy with his marriage to Nupur (Ekavali Khanna). He decides to take his son Shivam to his boarding school in Mussorie for his summer vacation. However, he has a secret that he wants to reveal to his son before he leaves him. Nitin is gay and has been living a lie for years. He wants to divorce his wife and live with his partner Aditya (Aman Uppal), who is also his colleague.

Shivam is a typical teenager who loves his gadgets more than his father. He is unaware of his father's sexuality and thinks that he is just going through a midlife crisis. He is also dealing with his own issues of bullying, peer pressure, and crushes. He is not interested in spending time with his father on the road trip.

As they drive through the scenic landscapes of Uttarakhand, they have several conversations that reveal their personalities, hopes, fears, dreams, and regrets. They also meet some interesting people along the way, such as a guide who tells them stories about ghosts and spirits, a baba who gives them blessings and advice, a principal who offers them shelter during a storm, and a girl who catches Shivam's eye.

Nitin finally gathers the courage to tell Shivam about his sexuality and his plans to divorce his mother. Shivam is shocked and angry at his father for lying to him and his mother for so long. He feels betrayed and disgusted by his father's choices. He runs away from him and tries to find his way back to Delhi. Nitin follows him and tries to explain his situation and apologize for hurting him. He also tells him that he loves him and wants him to be happy.

Shivam is confused and hurt by his father's revelation. He does not know how to react or what to do. He also feels guilty for being rude to his father and not understanding him. He realizes that his father is still the same person who raised him and cared for him. He decides to give him a chance and listen to his side of the story.

They eventually reconcile and hug each other. They also decide to face the consequences of Nitin's decision together. They call Nupur and tell her the truth. Nupur is shocked and heartbroken by Nitin's confession. She does not want to divorce him and begs him to reconsider. She also blames herself for not being a good wife and mother. Nitin tells her that he is sorry for hurting her, but he cannot live a lie anymore. He also tells her that he respects her and wants her to be happy too.

Nitin and Shivam reach Mussorie and say goodbye to each other. Shivam tells his father that he loves him and supports him. He also tells him that he will try to talk to his mother and make her understand. Nitin thanks his son for being mature and brave. He also tells him that he is proud of him and will always be there for him.

The movie ends with a voice-over by Shivam, who says that he has learned a lot from his father's journey. He says that he has learned to accept people for who they are, to love without conditions, and to live without fear. He says that he hopes that one day, his father will be happy with his partner, his mother will find peace, and they will all be a family again.

The Cast and Crew of Dear Dad Movie

The cast of Dear Dad movie includes the following actors:



Arvind Swamy

Nitin Swaminathan

Himanshu Sharma

Shivam Swaminathan

Ekavali Khanna

Nupur Swaminathan

Aman Uppal

Aditya Mehra

Bhavika Bhasin

Sakshi Sharma

Shivani Joshi

Priya Sharma

Ravi Khanna

Rajesh Sharma

Rajesh Khera

Baba Ji

Sagarika Ghatge

Cameo appearance as herself

The crew of Dear Dad movie includes the following members:

Crew Member


Tanuj Bhramar

Writer and Director

Ratnakar Malla, Shaan Vyas, Manish Mundra, Pawan Kumar Tiwari, Yogesh Bhardwaj, Suresh Kumar Bagat, Ankit Saxena, Ravi Khanna, Rakesh Kaul, Raja Choudhary, Nishant Pitti, Deepak Pitti, Abhishek Jain, Anand Bansal, Kunal Kishore Singh, Shashank Kela, Saurabh Gupta, Amit Gupta, Anil Jain, Sunil Jain, Rajesh Banga, Rajesh Banga Jr., Sanjay Banga Sr., Sanjay Banga Jr., Sanjeev Banga Sr., Sanjeev Banga Jr., Rajeev Banga Sr., Rajeev Banga Jr., Rakesh Banga Sr., Rakesh Banga Jr., Vikas Banga Sr., Vikas Banga Jr., Amit Banga Sr., Amit Banga Jr., Anil Banga Sr., Anil Banga Jr., Sunil Banga Sr., Sunil Banga Jr.

Producers (Yes, there are 40 of them!)

Vedant Mishra

Music Director



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