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File: Project ...

If you are new to Jenkins Pipeline, the Blue Ocean UI helps youset up your Pipeline project, andautomatically creates and writes your Pipeline (i.e. the Jenkinsfile) for youthrough the graphical Pipeline editor.

File: Project ...


In the Enter an item name field, specify the name for your new Pipelineproject.Caution: Jenkins uses this item name to create directories on disk. It isrecommended to avoid using spaces in item names, since doing so may uncoverbugs in scripts that do not properly handle spaces in directory paths.

Defining a Pipeline through the classic UI is convenient for testing Pipelinecode snippets, or for handling simple Pipelines or Pipelines that do notrequire source code to be checked out/cloned from a repository. As mentionedabove, unlike Jenkinsfiles you define through Blue Ocean(above) or in source control(below), Jenkinsfiles entered intothe Script text area area of Pipeline projects are stored by Jenkins itself,within the Jenkins home directory. Therefore, for greater control andflexibility over your Pipeline, particularly for projects in source controlthat are likely to gain complexity, it is recommended that you useBlue Ocean orsource control to define your Jenkinsfile.

The built-in documentation can be found globally at $YOUR_JENKINS_URL/pipeline-syntax.The same documentation is also linked as Pipeline Syntax in the side-bar for anyconfigured Pipeline project.

Some of us shrink from making plans because experience has shown ushow seldom they are realized. Not the less are the plans we do makejust as subject to overthrow as the plans of the most prolific andminute of projectors. It was long since Cosmo had made any, and theresolve with which he now fell asleep was as modest as wise mancould well cherish; the morning nevertheless went differently fromhis intent and expectation.

Now that your project is using TypeScript you can start using it anywhere within your src directory! Your project should be able to run successfully without any TypeScript specific syntax depending on how your config is set up.

As you can appreciate, being able to scale content gives you the confidence to create artwork knowing you can easily resize the stage later. It also makes it extremely easy to repurpose any existing projects for a wide range of screen sizes. 041b061a72


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