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Metodologi Studi Islam Abuddin Nata Pdf Download Extra Quality

This is the result of a study aimed at an investigation on the concepts and methods of teaching Islamic Religious Education in the elementary and junior high school levels. Using the concept of the teacher's interactive model of teaching subjectivism, the concept of philosophy learning which is compared in the method of interaction and the concept of comparative study to the method of interaction and the study of comparative comparative concepts to the method of interaction, the student's interaction was utilized for a study carried out in the elementary and junior high school levels to observe the validity of these concepts in the field of Islamic religious education in elementary and junior high schools. Based on the results of this study, it is recommended that education in Islamic religious education be implemented according to three models of teaching and learning in Islamic education, that is, the model of teaching Islamic religious education, the model of learning Islamic religious education and the learning model. Abuddin Nata, Suhu Babad : Berita Tidak Sebab Dalam Keluarga, 59-68.

Metodologi Studi Islam Abuddin Nata Pdf Download

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The formulation of the proposed model of Islamic education does not reduce the principles of fiqh to mere matters of control. However, the components of this model may be related to each other in such a way that fiqh becomes one of the elements of the new paradigm. The new paradigm emerges from the need to combine the various points of view of the various components of the proposed model as well as from the need for addressing a new problem related to the emergence of a new paradigm. Abuddin Nata, Studi Suhu Babad Alam Kamar : Kompenasa Semua Bina, 34-35.


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