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David Nguyen
David Nguyen

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the artwork is a huge mural with a cracked and crumbling wall. by the 1980s, the wall was covered with graffiti and as a reaction, the city administration decided to go ahead and paint the graffiti over. some of the graffiti was painted over and then the city later decided to wash the work out. this created the illusion of a wall that was made of different materials; in reality, it was a painted wall.

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herron: i didn't make it cracked. first of all, i wasn't the one that made it cracked. then i made the mural work. i was told that i couldn't use the wall. the wall, it was painted already. it's old paint. i had to paint it. so i painted what i had to paint, which was the mural. and then when i came back, i didn't have a pad, the big yellow pad to move around.

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