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Reaction (KC Lights Extended Mix)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported detection of more than 900 VOCs in the air of public buildings (EPA, 1989) and in a Finnish study (Kostiainen, 1995), over 200 VOCs were identified in each of 26 homes. Toluene is a highly toxic VOC commonly found as a component of indoor air, the presence of which can represent a serious health hazard. It is readily absorbed through the respiratory tract and to a lesser extent through the skin (EPA, 1990). Exposure to high levels is known to affect the kidneys, nervous system, liver, brain, and heart. Short-term exposure of humans to toluene (100 ppm v/v or greater) has elicited central nervous system effects such as fatigue, confusion, poor coordination, impairment of reaction time, perception, and motor control and function (NTP, 2000) in addition to poor performance on cognitive tests and eye and upper respiratory tract irritation (ATSDR, 1989).

Reaction (KC Lights Extended Mix)

Three replicates (chambers) of each species were tested. Chambers without plants were used to determine toluene losses not resulting from the plants (e.g., leakage, adsorption, chemical reactions). Plant height was measured and leaf area determined using a LI-3100 leaf area meter (LI-COR Inc., Lincoln, NE) at the end of the experiment. 041b061a72


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