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Fallout 4 Vertibird Landing Pad

Build landing pads for vertibirds at your settlements! When you call in a vertibird with the usual signal grenade while at a settlement, they will land on pads and drop you off at them too. ESL Version available.

Fallout 4 Vertibird Landing Pad

Vertibots are an automated version of the standard Vertibirds. Autonomous in nature, they appear similar to the piloted variants. Vertibots can be visually distinguished from vertibirds by their opaque windows and inaccessible cockpits. Vertibots are usually found escorting cargobots and will turn hostile if either the cargobot or the Vertibot itself is attacked by the player character.

If a player character controls a public workshop with a Vertibot landing pad, the pad can be repaired to spawn a friendly Vertibot, which will automatically take off and attack enemies. Vertibots can be summoned by vertibot signal grenades collected from a yellow box near the landing pad, and will arrive to assist the player character in combat. However, the assisting variant has lower stats. Vertibots are resilient to ballistic attacks but explosive and energy weapons prove effective against them.

Some of the public workshops in Appalachia have a landing pad, which can spawn a Vertibot if the landing pad is repaired and fully operational. The Vertibot defends the workshop and the general area surrounding it until all threats are eliminated, at which point it returns to the landing pad to repair and recover health. If it is destroyed, repairing the landing pad spawns a new one. A crate of Vertibot signal grenades will always appear next to the pad. Using them will summon the Vertibot, which will come flying from the workshop, even if the player is far away. If the player doesn't own a workshop with a functional landing pad, the Vertibot won't be summoned after utilizing the signal grenades.

Here's how you take your new home with you when you travel. You can craft landing pads at any of your existing settlements, which you'll then be able to fast-travel to with your VTO. You can also craft beacons and place them anywhere in the world (including Nuka World and Far Harbor) which will allow you to "land" in those locations. And, if you're away from your Vertibirdhouse, running around in the Commonwealth, you can summon it to you via remote control. Naturally, there's a cost for having a house that moves around: you'll have to keep your bird stocked with homemade coolant, and each time you travel with it, it'll deplete the coolant reserves.

Athens-Tec Mine is a massive mining pit carved into the San Bernardino Mountains north of Big Bear Lake. Surrounded by an extremely heavily fortified and reinforced network of trenches, outposts, and garrisons, it is the heart of the Raider Alliance and the primary home of the component tribes and their slaves. The mine itself is located in a sheltered valley among the mountains. It is connected to the rest of the Pass by State Route 173, leading south to Big Bear, and a ruined rail line located northeast of the pit. The pit's perimeter is surrounded by wrecked pre-War mining vehicles as well as the ruins of the Alliance's biodiesel reserves, destroyed years ago by the Wasteland Scouts and still burning. The Vipers have established their camp on the eastern rim of the pit. Along the northwestern rim is a small cluster of buildings hosting a Vertibird landing pad as well as a robotics and repair bay.

Another item to look at/for on used VertiBirds is the little sky hook. It's often snapped up inside the tail boom so when out of sight, you may forget to even look to see if it's actually there. These hooks are another common breakage item and are often busted or missing. Missing ones are easily spotted if the photo of the heli is clear. The black hook pins mount into a hole right above each rear landing strut. If you don't see a little black dot above each rear landing strut, the hook is not there.


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