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Buy Keune Shampoo Online

Are you looking for your favorite Keune shampoo that you normally buy at the hairdresser? In the online Keune shop you can buy all Keune shampoos. Choose healthy hair with a good shampoo from Keune. The effective formulas with essential minerals leave your hair silky soft and give your hair a radiant shine. For each hair and scalp, there is a specific Keune shampoo on offer.

buy keune shampoo online

For each hair type, there is a good Keune shampoo that provides optimal care. Breathe new life into your dull hair, soothe a sensitive and irritated scalp, maintain colored hair or fight dandruff in no time with the Keune shampoos.

The best keune shampoo to use for you will heavily depend on your hair condition, and if you are looking to alleviate any particular issues. The great thing about Keune is that offer a wide range of choice in their shampoos so you can find one that is suitable for your hair type. The entry level shampoo would definitely be the Keune Design Colour Care Shampoo as it is the ultimate gentle daily use shampoo that is also helping keep your colour vibrancy at an all time high. If your hair is a bit flat and in need of some much needed volume, then the Keune Care Absolute Volume Shampoo is for you as it builds volume without making the hair heavy.

Catwalk is an online, authorised stockist of Keune, and is also one of the largest retailers for this brand in Australia and New Zealand. Shop now with confidence that you are buying authentic products with an authorised Australian stockist. You can shop Keune online, in store at our showroom or from our salon.

Keune is a family owned company which started in Amsterdam in 1922. With their many years of experience, the brand is known and loved in over more than 70 countries and more than thousands of salons use it daily. Keune has a wide range of hair care products, from shampoos to styling products. The products adapt to current trends, so you are always sure to be able to create a perfect and modern hairstyle with Keune's products. All products are created and produced, at their own factory, under one roof in the Netherlands.

Hot Tip! This product contains the color stabilizer called LP300. This is a patented ingredient added to ALL Keune Care shampoo's and conditioners to help stabilize color molecule to stay longer by creating a stronger bond. LP300 is Keune Exclusive

It is essential to use a suitable shampoo with gentle formula on dyed hair. Keune Care range offers a Color Brillianz Shampoo to keep the color-treated hair bright and shiny. Color Brillianz Shampoo features color sealing complex that forms a protective layer around the hair strands to lock the color pigments in. It also contains solamer UVA and UVB that provides protection to your hair while they are exposed to sun rays. The silk proteins add visible shine to by giving deep hydration from root to tips. Instead of fading away, the color stays intense and shiny.

Keune You offers professional stylists the ability to mix custom haircare products for each client addressing a wide range of hair types. Concerns addressed include poor curl definition and frizzy, dry and damaged, color fading and dull, and weak and brittle. With over 100 possible combinations, the customization options are nearly limitless! All Keune You shampoos and conditioners are enriched with nourishing ingredients to promote healthier, stronger, and more luminous hair.

Salon Ultimo now offers our salon professional products online to those who are unable to come into the salon to purchase. Please note that each product line will need to be ordered separately from the different links below. Read the instructions carefully that go along with each link, as each way of ordering is different. We do offer curbside pickup as well. You just need to call the salon to place your order and we will happily bring the products out to your car. 041b061a72


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