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[S1E8] Bugs

Oasis Plains, Oklahoma- Construction Site: The camera fades in to construction men working on houses. Two men, Dustin and Travis, start talking about the houses and how expensive it will be once the houses were finished. Dustin starts to hear and feel the ground shake a little. He feels around the ground and falls into a newly formed sinkhole. Travis rushes to the hole; Dustin screams that his ankle is broken so Travis goes to find a rope. Underground, Dustin starts to hear more noises and notices that bugs are all around him. As Dustin calls for Travis again, Travis runs and brings a rope to him only to find Dustin dead in the ground.

[S1E8] Bugs


Now on a tour of the house Larry and Dean get talking and come across a jar with many bugs inside. Larry explains that it is his son's. Meanwhile, Sam and Linda are talking about how the houses all have steam showers, as Linda is leaning on a counter where a tarantula is crawling towards her way. Sam excuses himself and takes the spider and notices a teenager behind Linda. Sam confronts the teenager who turns out to be Larry's son, Matt. They have a chat about their bad relationships with their fathers.

Larry then comes over and takes his son away to go yell at him. Sam and Dean watching from afar they have a discussion about their father. Dean says that he doesn't remember, but Sam does because he used to always get yelled at and that Dean was the "good son". Dean tried to defend their father by saying that Sam was sometimes out-of-line. Sam defends his case by sarcastically saying that it was the wrong choice to play soccer over learning to bow hunt. Changing the subject Dean says that he found out about a year ago another man died by a severe bee sting reaction. They make the connection that each death both included bugs.

At night, driving: They discuss why the bugs would do this, as there were no signs of ghost activity. They bring up Larry's son because he does have bugs for pets. Dean tells Sam to pull over to the empty open house they were at. Sam objects to squatting; Dean states he wants to try the steam shower and Sam gives in.

Linda's House: Linda goes into her room and turns on the television. On her bed a bug falls on her so she goes into the shower. In the shower, multiple spiders come out of her faucet, and she is the next victim of the bugs.

They question him about his bugs and how Linda died due to spiders. Matt gets defensive because he knows that he didn't do the killings. Matt does confess that he knows something weird is happening with the insects and goes to show them an example.

Outside the Department of Anthropology: Dean and Sam bring a box of uncovered skeletons from the same area where they found the skulls. They decide that it was a spirit channeling through bugs. They then get into another discussion about their father. Sam feels that their father was always disappointed in him. Dean says that he wasn't disappointed, but scared, scared something might happen to Sam if he was all alone. They then enter the building.

Attempting to call for help, they find all phone lines are dead and so is the power. They seal off all openings to the house. Dean then goes to find something to fend off the bugs. He gets some flammable bug spray. They then realize they didn't seal off the fireplace and the bugs fly in. They go up to the attic and termites start eat through the wood, allowing more bugs to get in. Everyone manages to survive long enough, as the sun comes up and all the bugs disperse.

Dean: Maybe they're being controlled somehow, you know, by something or someone.Sam: You mean like Willard?Dean: Yeah, bugs instead of rats.Sam: There are cases of psychic connections between people and animals. Elementals, telepaths...

Their only weapon is bug spray. I think this is one of the major reasons the fandom was so up in arms about this episode. The bugs get inside the house in no time and it seems all hope is lost. They escape to the attic but bugs can get in there, too, obviously.

Dean wonders if the boy, Matt, is the cause behind the bugs. They then pull over to an empty house in the neighborhood to hang out for the night. Dean wants to try the steam shower. Boy, you have always loved a good shower. 041b061a72


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