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Galactic Monster Quest Hacked

Most things in the world can be observed, and youd hope that most rational people would be pretty logical, right? Well, never underestimate the power of the ego to make us all crazy. Descartes, a bit of a skeptic to begin with is fond of saying, the worst mistake one can make in reasoning is to posit the ego. Thats a problem with a lot of philosophy, and yes, the Bible is one of them. The ego is looking for something to invent something (its as if we have to be convinced theres an Other as well as a self), but lets look at a few of the arguments that people make in defense of God. Ive paraphrased them below, but dont worry, there arent any swears in this, other than maybe You, youre and your a lot. The first argument for God is that since the world is good, its God, right? The argument goes like this: God was God before the world, and the world is good. God is God, and the world is good. Therefore God made the world good and God exists. Of course, what is considered good by each of us varies, so theres no way for all of us to agree on that, but thats not theres problem. If its good for me that the sky is blue, then its good for you, and since the sky is blue for me, it must be good for you. This is a special brand of misunderstanding, and its quite different from the claim that, if the world is good, then the sky is blue. But here its quite different: theyre saying if the world is good, then its God, if its God, its good. Well, its actually a bit more complicated than that, since theres more going on. However, the argument still has problems. How does God make the world good? I suggested above that good is a personal thing, and thats true. But that doesnt address the question of whether God creates the good world out of nothing. I happen to believe that God is perfect, but Im not going to say that just because of the preceding argument, since Im not the only one with that view. To see this, we have to look at what Im actually pointing to, which is the personhood of God. The rationalist will claim that the God posited by the Theist is not the God of the Biblical god, is not the God of monotheism (though there are theological reasons why these two different gods will behave very differently).

galactic monster quest hacked


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