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Bajirao Mastani Book In Marathi Pdf Download PATCHED

bajirao mastani is the story of a prince who was born to the peshwa empire. the peshwa empire is a very complex thing, and that is why i did not attempt to explain it in this book. i will try to understand it better in my next book, which will also include a chapter on shivaji.

Bajirao Mastani Book In Marathi Pdf Download

on one side, bajirao, the peshwa emperor is known as a good ruler, and his love story with mastani, the princess of bundelkhand, is good for the state. on the other side, it is also true that the maratha empire was built on the war and bloodshed. so, baji raos relationship with his wife, kashibai, comes under the same category.

as i mentioned earlier, kashibai was the first wife of bajirao peshwa i. there are no records available in the maratha records as to how the marriage took place. there is also no record available about her previous marriage.

the more the people know about their language, their literature, their culture, their own history and heritage, the more they would care for themselves, their languages and the world, says annapurna sinha, a noted marathi short story writer.

i was extremely taken by the theme of peshwa bhima. not only was he a famous warrior, he was also a very pious, spiritual, and austere man. he was a complete contrast to his uncle and father. before i read bajirao mastani, i had no idea of peshwa bhima. this book taught me a lot more about him. while bajirao mastani does not discuss peshwa bhima much, i feel that it is a great book that gives an insight into the life of a marathi warrior.

dr. abhay bang: i went to the maratha museum to see the original paintings of bajirao, and discovered a picture of a woman from pune who was the wife of bajirao. i was surprised to see her with bajirao and also called up kashibai. i wanted to know more about her, so i called her and asked her about the portrait of the woman. she told me that this portrait was done by a french painter who travelled to pune. kashibai also said that there was a temple to lord shiva, which had been constructed at rustom peth, pune.


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