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Mister Vendetta 2010

La sera della vigilia di Natale, un misterioso straniero si presenta alla stazione di polizia di un piccolo paese per confessare di avere ucciso sei persone. Il detective Alexander Black procede all'arresto, ma scopre che è impossibile identificare il misterioso assassino perché non ha le impronte digitali. Stupito cerca di scoprire chi è l'uomo e mentre continua ad ascoltare la sua confessione, sei agenti di polizia muoiono uno a uno...

Mister Vendetta 2010

Meanwhile, concern has to be expressed about the fact that this issue has resurfaced, seemingly as part of a vendetta against Mr Manyi, who was recently appointed as Government Spokesperson - a Cabinet decision that many have sought to undermine.

To the anon: I'm aware that not all cast and crew are listed in call sheets, credits, etc., which is part of the reason we're having difficulty confirming Mr. Genovese's involvement. As 31dot stated, in this particular situation, a confirmed Star Trek production source is needed to verify that Mr. Genovese worked on Trek. I have asked a few confirmed production crew members and actors, but so far, no luck. If you have worked with Mr. Genovese on Star Trek, then please feel free to e-mail me using the "e-mail this user" option in the toolbox on my user page and you can be used as an anonymous production source. You will need to tell me who you are and what you did on the show, but that information won't be shared with others if that is your wish. As both a Memory Alpha archivist and an infrequent writer for, I've talked with several production staff members (mainly from the 2009 film) whose identities I've kept secret, so I guarantee you will remain anonymous. It's up to you, of course; I just wanted to present that option to you. --From Andoria with Love 10:20, August 12, 2010 (UTC)

Michael Williams commented, "We would like to thank Mr Moodie for his efforts and contributions to Vendetta since the IPO in 2010 and subsequent acquitting of the Pegmont project, and we wish him every success is his future endeavors. I would also like to welcome Ms Lau as CFO."

Vendetta Mining Corp. is a Canadian junior exploration company engaged in acquiring, exploring, and developing mineral properties with an emphasis on lead and zinc. It is currently focused on advanced stage exploration projects in Australia, the first of which is the Pegmont Lead Zinc project. Additional information on the Company can be found at

US Rep. Michael Grimm, a New York Republican and former FBI agent who came to Congress on the tea party wave of 2010, is facing indictment on political corruption charges involving his campaign financing. 041b061a72


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