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David Nguyen
David Nguyen

Nuendo 5 64 Bit Elicenser 36 \/\/TOP\\\\

in cubase le, the elicenser copy protection system can be disabled by your own system administrator. however, be aware that unauthorised circumvention of copy protection is a violation of the license agreement for cubase le and will render the license invalid.

nuendo 5 64 bit elicenser 36

we, from the elicenser team, are constantly working on different security measures for the copy protection system of cubase le. hence, we ask you to be patient and wait for the best solution. we are already working on the next cubase version and a completely new solution for the elicenser system will be available in the near future.

if you think that the elicenser system is not a problem for you, you are wrong. the elicenser system is integrated in the cubase le license and not in the steinberg product itself. thus, if the copy protection of cubase le does not work on your computer, there is no cubase le to use. please inform yourself if your operating system is affected by the cubase le license and the elicenser copy protection.

the cubase masterclass has a wealth of information for users of any skill level, and we, at the elicenser team, would like to invite you to join us in the cubase masterclass and enjoy all the cubase le secrets and tutorials.

steinberg have been very consistent in supporting both hardware and software (steinberg key) based copy protection, and the elicenser is the same hardware-based technology that was introduced in the early 1990's. the usb-elicenser or steinberg key is a hardware device containing a copy protection license key.

simple to use, the usb-elicenser license key is plugged into your computer and an external port on the usb-elicenser is connected to the computer. this automatically authenticates the user and unlocks the software. if the license key is not present in the usb-elicenser, you have to manually insert the license key into the usb-elicenser.


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