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David Nguyen
David Nguyen

Ajax Uploader License Crack HOT! Software

Hackers are an egotistical bunch. One of the reasons they crack software is simply to prove it can be done. But they're not always intelligent. While they did manage to generate gobs and gobs of fake registration information, they simply overlooked the part where my software contacted that php file when it started up. So here I was, knowing I'd been hacked and I was being notified every single time.

Ajax Uploader License Crack Software

When a hacker releases a crack, they pride themselves in the fact that they did it. Have a look at a keygen sometime (if you're brave enough) and they always include a file with their logo and their names. They want attention. One of the most embarrassing things for a group of hackers is to have their little toys suddenly stop working. They put in all this effort to crack your software and release the crack and then... a month later, it doesn't work any more.

By not acting immediately, I let them think that they successfully cracked my shareware and they moved on to something else. Then, a month later, I began banning registration keys. Anytime my software contacted the server I compared the ID to my known list of good ID's and, if it didn't match, the program simply reset itself back to the demo version and... banned any attempt from that computer to register it again by setting a buried registry key and saving a small file to the hard drive (it's a Windows only program). If that key or the file existed, it simply denied any attempt to register the product. Screw me once, I don't need your money.

My Email notifications of people using cracked registration codes went down from 20 a day to 1 or 2 a week. And, the only way for them to remove the ability my software had to contact the server was to release a completely cracked copy of my software. To date, I haven't found any. 350c69d7ab


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