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Camp Blackmon was founded in 2019 in Matthews, NC by 20-year veteran elementary teacher Jennifer Blackmon. Holding a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland and a Master’s Degree in literacy K-12 from Queens University of Charlotte, Mrs. Blackmon was inspired to extend her passion for teaching and learning beyond the regular school year to the summer months.   As a National Board Certified Educator (NBPTS) and a certified teacher of Academically and Intellectually Gifted students (AIG), she began to generate and design creative, field-trip based, themed camp weeks for her interested students. Her desire to formulate and cultivate new learning pathways, coupled with her excitement to include relevant real-world experiences such as day trips to fun destinations and hands-on experiences, set her on the path to start Camp Blackmon in her home.  Extending her student’s learning into a fully immersive camp experience brimming with wonderful books to read, themed arts and crafts, field trips, cooking, puzzles, problem solving, games, and fun would bring the magic of learning to her students year-round.


AIG Teacher/TD Facilitator

Beyond her passion for teaching and learning, Mrs. Blackmon is also a very happy wife and mom of three!  Her husband Matt is an engineer who keeps the family on their toes at home when it comes to math and science.  They share two teenage sons and one elementary-aged daughter.

They have a beautiful black lab/collie mix that they rescued several years ago who loves to welcome Camp Blackmon campers into their home just as much as Mrs. Blackmon!

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